GeoTree API

The GeoTree is available as an application programming interface (API) for use within your own applications. Below is a QueryBuilder that will help you construct a URL to access the API.
The root of the API is this URL: Parameters and values should be appended to the root of the URL. Parameters are separated from values with an equal sign (=), and parameter/value pairs are separated with an ampersand (&) -- try the QueryBuilder below to see an example.
The GeoTree API accepts 4 parameters, including:
Here is an example of an API call that will return GeoTree information about "Sudan", showing only exact matches, and in the JSON format:

GeoTree API QueryBuilder

Use the QueryBuilder below to construct a GeoTree API query. Click "Generate API call & response" to generate a well-formed API query for use in your application. Appearing below the query will be an example of the results that are returned when that query is submitted.

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